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There are changes coming to the OHPRG website in 2018. 

Please check back in 2018 to see the changes.

posted 11-29-17

SWRC Dates for 2017 are:

SPN Performance 2016 Awards Ceremony -Updated to Nov 3/4, 2017at Tri-State Rally.

Tri-State Invitational Challenge for American Rally Car Championship for the coveted awards and prize money of over $2500 plus for podium winners overall and class winners and the 2017 Tri-State Rally for new rally teams - Nov 3/4 along with the OHPRG 2016 awards...

   Desert Storm Rally - April 8, 2017 - Yuma Proving Grounds- AZ. (cancelled due to lack of entrees)

   Rally Colorado - July 22-23, 2017

   Seed 9 Rally - runs concurrently with the Tri-State Rally on Friday coefficient 2 points,

   Tri-State Rally - runs Friday (with Seed 9) and Saturday with 8 coefficients total (2+2+3+1). 

   Tri-State on Saturday will also have a free coefficient 1 event!

American Rally Car Rally School - date TBD to be held at the SPN Performance shop near Phoenix, AZ.
The date for this school may be in September.  Check back for additional information.

Updated 5-22-17

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