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The vision of OHPRG is to make rallying affordable to organizers and competitors while keeping the culture of rallying intact. The OHPRG will be open to competitors and volunteers involvement in the organization.


The primary objective is to promote the active use of high performance motorsport rallying and rally vehicles, in a format that emphasizes safety, enjoyment, camaraderie, education and etiquette for all participants. Specifically, we will organize, sanction, and help other rally organizers and rally organizations to conduct time trial rallies or similar rallies throughout United States.


Safety is always our top priority: in driver behavior, in car preparation, in the operation of our events, and in everything we do. Our goal, at every event, is to have zero incidents, but every participant must recognize that racing is inherently dangerous.

Fun: We will conduct and/or sanction events that are well-organized, well-run, and friendly. We will create a warm, welcoming environment that fosters a feeling of friendship, equality, and mutual respect among our rally community.

Competition: We are an advisory and coordinating body which wants a format to enhance good and friendly competition amongst its competitors within the championships it provides within its governing body. We will recognize other motorsport rally non-sanction series.

Communications: We will excel at communications with, and among, our members. We will ensure members have all the necessary information to make their participation in OHPRG sanction events enjoyable, simple, and hassle-free. All rules, regulations, and policies will be stated clearly and publicly, and will be easily accessible to all competitors for reference. We will maximize the use of cost-effective, expedient tools such as the internet, and other available communication technologies.

Governance: Our organization staff members will be visible, accessible, and responsive to our competitors. If you would like to be a part of organization which all are welcome to be part of association.

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